Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I was wondering, I think,I never stop wondering when it comes to you. I don't know how or why, you keep me thinking and wonder about you, too much. I'm sure it's not a drugs, but why? As if you're playing magic. Tell me, what does it takes to make that feeling go? I like you, but it wasn't enough to love you as a man. I have him, it's not like his a substitute to you. Never once i want to consider him in that manner. What was it with you? You act like you regret and suddenly ignore me as if I'm chasing your shadow? I remember you told me once, when you say you gave me a better one, Indeed you did, he is one in a billion. Tell me, I really wanted to stay away from you. It's feel irritating to me, believe me. I couldn't figure you out, in fact I can't figure you out. What are you, who are you? Your surrounding, i guest they never bother you, didn't they? You're not so special, you're just like any other ordinary lonely guy. I suppose that is the best way that I can describe you. The history that we had before, but I guest you wouldn't call it that way. There was never a thing between us, we never cross that line as a friend. But somehow, your behavior, it was attached to me. How relax you are about life, about how you aged, Maybe you're been there quite some time, but i wanted to let go. I appreciated all the memories, but i don't want them to hunt me like I had something from you when I don't. I wanna let go, because I don't love you like how I love him. Two years, and I want to grow old with him. I may saw you first, but I found comfort and love in him. No, not you, never was you. Thank you for everything, but you're not in my picture, like how I am not in yours too. We need to wake up, but I think that words only meant for me. What are we doing wondering like this when we know we are best being apart? Tell me, what are you trying to show me? Enough with hypnotizing me. I had enough.